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Featured Blog Post: 3 Tips for Vendor Content Syndication Programs

Content syndication isn’t about putting as much content on channel partner websites as you can. It is about providing the end customer with quality, relevant content that is specifically tuned for each partner.

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We were in the process of redesigning our website when our Channel Rep presented SharedVue to us. What sold us was the idea of having active, dynamic partner information available to our ... read more »
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Complete Marketing Enablement for Channel Partners

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While Syndicate and Communicate address different channel marketing needs, they can be used together to create a complete channel marketing solution focused on increasing traffic, leads, and sales for your channel partners.

Syndicate allows you to push product content and marketing materials to your channel partners websites. Your partners' syndicated content is also optimized with lead capturing forms and links, so they can follow up and close sales with your interested customers.

Communicate enables your channel partners to generate more leads and demand for your products through co-branded email marketing campaigns and events. Communicate also allows channel partners to create landing pages for different campaigns and event registration.

Integrated Metrics and Program Management

  • All metrics and reporting information for Syndicate and Communicate are integrated in one, centralized Admin Console for ease of management and tracking.
  • As an Admin (Vendor), you'll be able to track all your partners' Syndicate and Communicate program information and performance metrics from one central console.
  • Your partners will have access to a separate Partner Console, where they will be able to manage their appropriate syndicated content sets, set-up email campaigns for upcoming events, track metrics and follow up with leads from both Cloud Marketing products.

Improved Overall Performance for Your Channel Marketing Program

Syndicate and Communicate were designed to work with each other providing you with a superior channel marketing solution. By running both Syndicate and Communicate, you will enable your channel partners to automatically embed email campaign landing pages and event registration forms directly in their existing websites. At the same time, the partner’s syndicated content can direct your customers to promotional or event landing pages through registration buttons embedded in your partners' syndicated content.

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