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What do you do once your SharedVue program is up and running? Learn about the importance of great content after you've implemented a marketing automation program.

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Web Content Syndication

Enhance your customer connections and entice prospects.

Web content syndication is the process by which electronic marketing collateral or web applications are made available to multiple other sites through a “push” technology. Marketing collateral can be defined as a PDF, video, demo, article, whitepaper, case study, product specs, datasheet, a web page or a web application. SharedVue provides web content syndication to the websites of resellers, dealers, channel distributors, retail locations or BtB locations through a proprietary Cloud Marketing platform.

Update Content on Channel Partner Websites

Syndicate provides a direct pipeline from a cloud server, containing product and marketing content, to the websites of dealers, channel distributors, retail locations or BtB locations. With minimal time and hassle, content is seamlessly and automatically updated on a regular basis—across the entire partner channel. By accessing convenient admin and partner consoles, channel marketers and their partners can choose what prepackaged content appears on partners' sites and can "customize" it easily, at any time to reflect their focus.

Content administrators control the type, focus, and amount of content syndicated on partner and distributor websites. Anything from text and images to streaming audio and video can be syndicated. There are no limitations. Additionally, admins can decide what content partners and distributors have access to syndicate. Partners are then given the option to either customize the content based on predetermined packages to better suit their marketing needs or receive standard and automatically updated content. If a partner uses the “preferred” implementation code anything syndicated to partners' websites is Search Engine Optimized, allowing customers to easily find your products ahead of competitors. And since this solution is built on the SharedVue Platform, you and partners are able to track the success of marketing efforts across the entire partner channel.

Features and Technical Data

The content within a SharedVue Web Content Syndication program is truly dynamic. It does not have to be static, scraped content. Routinely SharedVue incorporates content from clients through a variety of means that allow it to be updated in real time. Some large Enterprises provide structured data feeds for:

  • Product and solution details
  • Promotions
  • Downloads
  • Video overviews

These are incorporated, in real time, into the content being pushed to thousands of partner showcases. As new content is provided in those feeds it is dynamically updated within the showcases.

A very simple example is the inclusion of partner information within the content. Typically there are areas within the text content, calls-to-action and other lead generators that include the partner’s company name. The program can also include the sales email and phone number where appropriate within the content.

Web Syndication Features

  • Partner Meta data automatically injected into vendor content (name, contact info, geography, etc.)
  • Content layout and Design customization
  • Multiple front/landing pages for partner variation
  • Search engine indexability for increased visibility
  • Banner placement for additional lead generation and qualification
  • Downloadable assets (videos, pdf, etc.) for lead capture
  • Detailed reports and metrics to help measure ROI

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