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SharedVue's Competitive EdgeWith SharedVue Social Media Syndication, you can provide your partners with a library of thought-provoking content that automatically posts to their social profiles.

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What clients are saying

SharedVue measures its success based on the value that we bring to each and every client that we work with. The statements below illustrate what just a few select clients think of Sharedvue:

Enterprise Testimonials

As Cisco's first Web 2.0 channel marketing program, SharedVue serves 1,000 partners — one of the fastest adopted channel marketing programs — and produces 500,000 hits per month, with a 7 minute average duration.
Web Marketing Strategist at Cisco
There were three main business challenges we were trying to fix. One, how do we better enable our partners to have a more robust presence with an HP story on the Web? Two, how do we make it easy for partners to get the content to tell that story in a simple and concise way and keep to keep that content current? And, three, how do we enable those partner sites to generate new business for the partners? Those were the three business problems we were trying to solve and those are the three business problems we have solved with the SharedVue solution.
US Partner Marketing Manager at Hewlett-Packard.
One of the keys is that SharedVue provides an end-to-end solution, a one-stop-shop for our partners that solves...business needs. SharedVue provides the e-service for us to deliver content to the partners, keep it current and updated, and to track results such as number of visitors, which content they're downloading, and how many leads are being generated.
US Partner Marketing Manager at Hewlett-Packard
We have partners of all different sizes and levels of marketing expertise. We have large partners with a reach across the U.S. and very robust marketing organizations. We have mid-sized partners, and we have smaller partners who probably don't have a lot of marketing resources. So, the fact that SharedVue can offer different approaches to syndication is just excellent. SharedVue was able to set up the Showcase for partners who didn't even have a Web site.
US Partner Marketing Manager at Hewlett-Packard
They helped some partners develop a Web presence who'd never had one before. Having different options for partners based on their varied business models has been a tremendous benefit.
US Partner Marketing Manager at Hewlett-Packard
Syndication is a great opportunity to offer your partners something that they might not know about yet, but they're going to love.
Online Channel Marketing Coordinator at Ctrix
The SharedVue onboarding campaign helped us get closer to our goal. Everything Channel increased our number of syndicating partners by almost 22 percent for our US market.
Online Channel Marketing Coordinator at Citrix
I would definitely like to do another SharedVue partner recruitment campaign with Everything Channel. I thought I had set the bar high for the first campaign, but Everything Channel surpassed it. It was better than I ever thought it could be.
Online Channel Marketing Coordinator at Citrix

Channel Partner Testimonials

I love this service. SharedVue makes it so much easier to maintain a presence on the web and know that the content is not stale. Being a small company, we often neglect our website because it can be so time consuming to find the appropriate content and then actually update the site. This solution allows us to wrap our brand…in a professional and easy-to-navigate site. I wish all my partners had an offering like this!
Strategic Account Manager at Iron-Tree Data Networks
SharedVue has definitely given us access to features like videos, the resource library, contact and submission forms that we otherwise wouldn't have access to. In addition, it has allowed us to look at what we want to present regarding our business and what we want to highlight. Fantastic program!
Account Executive at Data America
Two prospects have downloaded materials from our SharedVue site, allowing us to contact them. One we have gotten to the proposal stage, and hope to close it in the next 90 days. Thanks, SharedVue!
Co-Owner at The Fulcrum Group
SharedVue…enables us to promote the image of our business and the services we offer more professionally. Having syndicated content relieves us from having to maintain and support the core attributes of our website. This has saved us in cost, time and delivery to our customers.
Technology Integration Manager at TelcoCapital Systems
[SharedVue] has given our website a more professional feel and also allows visitors to investigate the products and solutions that our company is built upon. From a marketing standpoint, it has professionalized our look and feel and…has been influential in educating our clients and potential clients.
Information Technology at Cyberian Technologies
We were in the process of redesigning our website when our Channel Rep presented SharedVue to us. What sold us was the idea of having active, dynamic partner information available to our customers/prospects without having to build and support it ourselves. After just one month, we've had 47 hits and we are very optimistic we will use this data to build a marketing campaign and close business within the next quarter. The new Managed Services component complements our service portfolio and we will take advantage of activating several features. This program takes a huge burden off us knowing the content is managed and supported. Compared to what it was, our site is more professional and finally a marketing tool we can use to build our brand and business.
Marketing Director at Innonet, LLC
We've had great challenges in the past to sync content, with constant copying and pasting of content back and forth, until SharedVue arrived! We now enjoy and feel proud of our business and partnership with Cisco, as SharedVue has enabled multi-level content syndication, which greatly helps our visitors. Our visitors can now touch and feel fresh/live information right from our web site – this is a great achievement for us! Our website is finally ALIVE!
Account Manager at Perivue Networks
SharedVue has allowed our company to keep our website fresh with content that is relevant to technology today. This service has also let us view metrics on marketing campaigns that point at the content on our website. To compile all of this content and format and design the pages would be at high cost to the partner, where with this service just about anyone can integrate content into their site and be up and running in minutes. Would we do it again? Absolutely.
Strategic Alliance Manager at Platinum Systems, Inc.
We are extremely fortunate to have 3 of our vendors who are using SharedVue to provide syndicated content for their products and services. The implementation of the vendors content to our site was smooth, seamless, and the style of the syndicated content looks fantastic! Having such quality site content so easily available saved us months of design work - plus we don't have to worry about keeping the content fresh!
Richard Bailey at ThinOps
Awesome content. I particularly like that delivering the syndication through PHP makes it look like my content from an SEO perspective. I wish my other vendor partners would do it that way.
Sid Herron at Moose Logic
You should be very proud of your product and program! The interface is simple to use — I easily added my upcoming Citrix event — and in minutes it was on my site. I can't speak highly enough about your services.
Joe Turso at iVenture Solutions
I love it that Citrix has a feature like this! It's awesome to constantly have our website up to date with what you're doing. I wish more of our partners were like Citrix.
Cody Nelson, at Applied Engine
Thank you! The syndication works really well, and I am impressed. It blends into our site nicely. I am going to go play golf now and let everyone think I am working on this!
Paul Neyman at Waypoint Solutions
I was able to bring up our syndicated site in less than 5 minutes! Great tool, excellent service. Can't wait for the leads to start rolling in.
Doug Ford at The IT Pros

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